FiA Bootcamp Workout

I had great feedback from my post on my first FiA workout. After a great running workout, it was a given that I was going to have to go back to try one of their bootcamp workouts. I even opted to go to a different location this time. As I mentioned in my first post, the leader, or “Q”, rotates each week. That means that at a different location, with a different Q, I was doing a completely different workout than last week. Sometimes variety is just what we need to get motivated and also work muscle groups that we don’t hit when we do the same exercises all of the time.

1372261424Metropolitan is a great place for anyone to do a group or individual workout. If you haven’t been to this location, here are the perks for athletes: lights, a greenway that is relatively flat and paved, parking garages (for running stairs), a flat grassy area (think the middle of a track), and several benches to stop and do exercises on (think dips, pushups, step ups, the list goes on). Today we took advantage of the greenway and parking deck. Take it or leave it, these exercises can be done just about anywhere (so if you are out of town here are some ideas).

It was COLD Wednesday morning in Charlotte (I am talking close to freezing). Long sleeves, gloves and something over the ears for me. We jumped out of our cars to do a few quick stretches before starting our run down the greenway to the Target parking garage. I started my GPS watch shortly after starting. First up, running the stairs all the way to the top of the deck. Once we got to the top, we did several exercises to continue to warm up into our workout (seal jacks, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, and tricep dips). Upon completing sets of 15 all the way through, we did several plyo drills the length of the parking lot before we partnered up for the actual workout.

One partner in each group would run with the group down the stairs, across the parking garage, and back up the opposite side of stairs, while the other partner was completing squat jumps. Once the first partner was back, the second partner ran while the first partner completed squat jumps. We continued this, switching to pushup variations the next set, followed by explosive lunges (as long as you could). Each person had run three laps of stairs by the end.

Break that up with some abs (we all need them). Start again, this time swapping who goes first. While the first partner is running, the second partner is doing burpees now. Again, when the first partner gets back she begins burpees and the second partner runs. Repeat the running, but instead of doing burpees do plank variations the second round and the third round through do ab variations.


Nothing like the view from the top of one of these parking garages after an awesome morning workout!

Upon each group finishing at the top of the parking garage, we ran back to our cars. A check of my watch showed that we ran exactly 2 miles. For a bootcamp workout that is legit. Perfect combination of strength and cardio. Attending a different workout was also good because I got to see some familiar faces, but I also got to meet some new women. Like my first experience, everyone is very supportive and encouraging. We circled up at our cars, introduced ourselves, and ended things with a prayer.  A group of ladies that I worked out with is participating in the Ramblin Rose triathlon in May.  Look out for these ladies sporting their FiA gear.  Make sure that you say hello.


Again after each workout the Q is responsible for posting a “backblast”, which details who attended the workout, how the workout went, and what the workout was. Check out the FiA website.

1 thought on “FiA Bootcamp Workout

  1. Erin

    What a great summary Jen! Thank you for writing this, it’s a great resource for friends who ask about FiA, pointing them here going forward! Thanks!!


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