My First FiA Workout

In my post yesterday, I explained that I had committed to a different type of workout this morning. I also mentioned that my husband was doing a mud run this weekend with the group F3. I want to take a second to reference F3 as a lead in to my workout today. A few weeks before we got married (so as far back as 2012), my husband decided to adjust his regular workout routine to include boot camps with F3. A friend from the gym had mentioned that it might be something he would like. My husband is a creature of habit, so the fact that he enjoyed his first workout enough to go back says a lot.


F3 Men competing at the Mud Run

F3 stands for fitness, fellowship, and faith. It started in 2011 as a participant-led boot camp workout held on Saturday mornings in Charlotte, NC.   Participant-led equals free. This is a men’s only workout held outdoors. Men only because the mission is to keep an entire group together. Outdoors in any condition (they were working out when all of Charlotte was closed because of snow). Leaders rotate each week depending on workout locations. I plan to do a guest write up to go into more detail on this group, but I wanted to give you a brief background, because my workout this morning was formed by wives of F3.


Post Mud Run photo

FiA (Females in Action) was established in January 2013 by women who were inspired by their husband’s involvement and enthusiasm for F3. Like F3, these workouts are participant-led (also equals free), held outdoors, but are for women only. The key to both is that the workouts are open to ALL ages and abilities.

photo 2-14

Prior to my first workout, I had looked at the FiA website to decide which workout I wanted to do. They list all workouts by location detailing the time it starts and what types of exercises you will be doing. Since I don’t get to run a lot on my own, I decided to do the running/track workout at Alexander Graham Middle School. On Thursdays, there is also a boot camp workout going on at the same time. The running group and boot camp group start and finish at the same time. Super easy to figure out what suits you best.

I pulled up this morning at 5:05AM (workout starts at 5:15AM) and there were several women already waiting to start. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Meeting people you don’t know in a dark parking lot so early in the morning can be a little scary. My nerves were eased the second that the first woman said hello. It was clear that I was a FNG (“Friendly New Girl”). Everyone wanted to know how I had heard about the group and which workout I would be doing. After splitting the groups up, right at 5:15AM, the running group started their workout.

1372261424Here we go:

Warm up – Indian run to the bottom of the hill on Colony. The person in front was responsible for carrying a 15lb kettle bell, until the runner in the back made it to the front to transition.

From here the “Q” (person who leads the workout) explained what we would be doing for the next 35-40 minutes.

  • 10 pushups to start
  • Run to top of hill (note – up the hill this way is a little less than a half a mile)
  • At the top of the hill 20 pushups
  • Run over the top of the hill down to the Myers Park High School Sign (less than a quarter mile)
  • At the bottom of that hill do 30 pushups
  • Turn around and run back up to the top of the hill you just came down (less than a quarter mile)
  • Do 40 pushups
  • Run back down the hill to start (Yes, that’s 100 pushups – burning!)
  • Repeat this sequence doing squats the next round through (so 100 squats total), then spider man crawls, and finally dips off the sidewalk.

When I stopped my watch I was at 3.25 miles. AWESOME! I ran the entire workout with another woman at a very good pace, but we had some time to catch up and get to know each other. This is what Females in Action and F3 are all about. Working out hard, but enjoying the time (your time) with other people. After the workout was over, we “circled up” with the boot camp group. We did a count around the circle to determine that there were 31 people there. We then introduced ourselves by first name, nickname, and age.

photo 1-14That’s right, everyone has a nickname. Since I was an FNG, they had to give me a nickname this morning. Based on my pole vault background, I will now be referred to as “Ups”. Love it! After introductions, we huddled close and said a prayer. I have to say I didn’t think that I would find a group where women could workout in such a supportive, fun atmosphere (for FREE!). I plan to make this workout part of my routine in the future, and who knows I may end up doing a race or two with these ladies when it is all said and done. As much as I thought I was done with competitions, in just 45 minutes I realized that I would consider putting a number back on just to get to hang with such a great group!

(By the way, you can see a full write up of all workouts on the website as well – in case you miss or you can’t remember what you did!)

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