Wednesday “Get After It” Workout

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I subbed for Meghan’s 7:15 PM Flywheel class Tuesday.  Wow.  I haven’t worked out that late in a LONG time, and I haven’t taught an evening class since before I was pregnant.  Great group.  Everyone was on point with everything that I asked them to do.  It was great to see some familiar faces at a different time of the day.

photo 1-13

Prior to class, my daughter and I took a cruise around the neighborhood.  This was my first time turning her around so that she actually sat up in the stroller (which also means that I couldn’t see her).  Without being able to see her, I felt like I constantly needed to be checking to see if she was okay.  Of course, she was.

Wednesday Workout – I am not going to lie, the turnaround from teaching to getting up early the next day to workout was tough.  Here was my incentive.  My husband is doing a team Mud Run race on Saturday, so he is tapering the rest of the week.  What does this mean for me?  I get the morning to workout for three days in a row without having to wonder if the baby is going to get up.  I ran through a quick circuit, so I could get into work a little bit earlier today.

photo 3-9

Little to no equipment, however, I did make some of the exercises harder using equipment.  I will list modifications.

photo 2-3

Warm up – As usual, I started my watch with my warm up.  Tired of starting just walking in place, I started by doing some side to side toe touches, gradually increasing the range of motion and intensity.  I then jogged in place for thirty seconds, did 20 body weight squats, and 20 backward lunges (body weight).  I then went straight to my first exercise.  Exercise 1 is a circuit in itself. Once you have finished exercise 1, complete exercise 2-6 in a circuit three times.

1 – Dumbbell OR Kettle bell swings/Burpees super set – I have done these before.  I don’t know why I thought this exercise would ever get easier.  Start by doing 10 kettle bell swings. Put your kettle bell down and do 10 burpees (push up and all). Pick your kettle bell up again and do 9 kettle bell swings. Now do 9 burpees. Keep counting down your reps until you get to 1. This took me almost ten minutes, and I did take a second in the middle to catch my breath.

Modification  – Use a dumbbell OR a kettle bell.  Whatever you have available.  If you hate burpees, do another form of cardio in between.  Think mountain climbers, tuck jumps, high knees.

2 – Leg Whips – I accidentally ran into these exercises when scrolling through my Women’s Health Facebook news feed.  Start in a hip bridge with hands extended to your sides.  Your hips are raised off the ground, so that your body forms a straight line.  Extend your right leg straight in the air, while keeping your left leg bent, foot on the floor.  While keeping right leg straight in the hip bridge, lower the right leg as far as you can to the side without letting your hips move. All about control.  Do 10 each side. 

3 – Swiss ball, dumbbell, lying tricep extension – Lie on swiss ball so middle and upper back are supporting you. Feet are planted flat on floor. Raise hips so they are in line with the rest of your body. You will feel this in your legs. Raise dumbbells above your head, so that your palms are facing each other. Lower dumbbells until forearms are just past parallel to floor without moving upper arms. Do 10-12.

Modification – Do these standing if you do not have a swiss ball.

4 – Cross Crunch on foam roller or floor – Lay on foam roller such that it extends from your hips to your shoulders. You can do this exercise with a weight or with body weight. Crunch across the body, lifting your shoulder across the body. Do 10 each side.

Modification – Cross crunches on the floor.

5 – Dumbbell Windmill – Bring dumbbell over head with a push press. Stay in this position.  Holding arm overhead, bend forward at the waist by pushing back the hip of the rear leg to the rear diagonal on same side as the arm overhead.  Keep both legs straight as your lower taking the bottom hand over the knee towards the floor.  Drive back up to the top position and straighten the body.   Do 10 each side.

6 – Pushup Position Hammer Curl – In a pushup position, hold a dumbbell in each hand (hands facing each other). Curl weight in your left hand toward your left shoulder. Lower and repeat with right side. Continue alternating sides. 10 each side.

With having the morning to work out the next three days, I have committed to doing a different type of workout tomorrow. I can’t wait to tell you about it. Wish my husband luck in his Mud Run! His team is running as part of a bigger group, F3. Two teams running for F3 have a chance to win the entire all male division. I can’t wait to see the outcome!


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