Catching Up with Old Friends + Saturday workouts

photo 2-11Friday night was a rough night in our house.  Our daughter just had a hard time sleeping (I’m sure many of you can relate).  With that said, we were up early, so I figured I would go ahead and get all of my errands out of the way first thing. Perfect day to get an early start. The local Farmers Market opened this weekend.  If you don’t go early, it can be absolutely miserable trying to find a parking space and navigate around the market.  Since my dad was in town, he joined my daughter and I.  The saying, “My eyes were bigger than my stomach” was an understatement for me.  Everything looked SO fresh and delicious for half the cost of a supermarket.

photo 1-10

My daughter loved the colors, being outside, and quality time with grandpa.   I ended up spending over $50 on fruit and vegetables!  Hey, you can never get enough.  Okra is in season.  When you get okra peak season it is amazing.  We are planning an awesome recipe for this later today, so I will share it with you tomorrow once I take some pictures.

Workouts – People were definitely taking advantage of the weather outside, so the afternoon classes were less packed, but I have to say sometimes that is a plus.  My 3:45 Power Hour was absolutely intense.  With only about 14 people in class and everyone sitting close to the front, it was more like a training session than a class.  I was able to connect with each rider in a special way and adjust the ride based on the way they were feeling.  Communication back and forth was awesome and to be honest it really felt like I was working out with my good friends.  We were pushing each other harder because you could literally feel the energy from one bike to the next.  AWESOME group!

photo 3-7

Saturday evening, we stepped out of our routine.  We got invited to a co-ed baby shower for a former co-worker of mine, so we left the baby at the house.  I was already looking forward to the party because I knew that several of my favorite people would be there, but I couldn’t get over how great it was to see everyone.  I recently wrote a post on “Staying Fit During Busy Season” and it appeared that several of my former co-workers had actually lost weight since I had last seen them.  They looked awesome!  Several mentioned that they had started fitting exercise into their routine (even on the road).

Back to the party.  The soon to be mom looked AMAZING!  It was so great catching up with her.  Baby showers have taken on a whole new meaning to me now that I have a child.  I am actually interested in what the gifts are, and I feel that I have something to contribute to discussions about children.  I spent most of the night catching up with one of my former co-workers (Brittany).  She has been through more than I can imagine with her two boys, but she is so real.  It is so refreshing to be around someone who isn’t trying to be perceived as the perfect mom.  There is too much pressure on moms to do what someone else says is the right thing.


This was not the party, but a throwback of the good times I have had with Brittany!

The party was catered by Pasta and Provisions.  I was surprised how great the food was.  They started off with some super simple caprese appetizers and served a salad with eggplant parmesan, lasagna, and chicken veinnese for dinner.   Everything was amazing, especially after two great workouts Saturday afternoon.

photo 2-10

That brings me to Sunday.  For whatever reason the studio had a great vibe early this morning.  They added a Flybarre class at 7:15, so there were definitely more people there than usual.  Andrea is instructing the new class time and she has this great energy about her that just draws people in.  Energy from riders was great this morning.  After my tough ride Saturday afternoon, I added some long, heavy pushes in the middle of the ride, that people just crushed.

photo 4-4

Sunday is our family breakfast day.  With all of the running around that we do all week long, on Sunday we go out somewhere and sit down for breakfast together. This morning we went to Toast.  After several tough workouts, I went a little overboard.  I did order a healthy omelette.  “The runner”.  Egg whites, roasted veggies, turkey, no brie.  Wheat toast. The potatoes are where I dropped the ball on healthy.  They are just delicious.  The best part about Toast is that they frequently send out buy one, get one half off coupons.  Just don’t chuck those val-paks that come in the mail once a month.




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