Birthday Celebration + End of Week Catch up

Wow!  So much going on at the end of the week.  Like I said in a prior post, it is the end of quarter close at work (which requires additional work on top of tight deadlines), we finally took an offer on our condo at Metropolitan and our daughter continues to wake up several times a night (we still think she is teething).  With all of that said, I skipped a day from posting yesterday.  Perfect time for me to admit, that days off are good for you (and that includes exercise).  Pushing yourself to the point of fatigue makes your workouts less effective and the risk of injury goes up.

photo 1-8

Thursday Workout – My daughter loves “selflies”.  It is ridiculous that she can instantly put on a big “cheese” when she sees herself in the camera.  To get jazzed up for our afternoon run, we took a series of “selflies”.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so my Thursday run was with the jogger.  Slow three miles.  My legs were dead from some of the weight workouts this week and I stopped several times to take my daughter out of her stroller to look around.

photo 2-8 photo 3-5

Friday “Dawn Patrol” – My Friday workout is teaching my class.  That’s it.  If you didn’t think that I was working as hard as you are, I am.  It would be crazy for me to ask people taking my class to do something that I wasn’t doing myself.  I love the early morning work crowd.  As usual, they pushed through a heavy workout to start their day off right.  We even had time for some blurred, photo bombed “selflies”!  Great work this morning “Dawn Patrol”.

10153702_742583359119713_1520110018_nLike I said, work was crazy busy towards the end of the week, but I was able to stay a little later on Friday, which gave me extra time to grab lunch with my girlfriend Meredith.  True story on how we became friends: When Flywheel first opened, there were five people who rode regularly in the 6AM class (there was no 5:30AM).  Of those five people, I have found two of what I would consider my closest friends (including Meredith).  Our “regular” lunch spot uptown is Dean and Deluca.  I always forget how fresh their build your own salad bar is.  This salad looks like something out of a magazine!

photo 2-9

That brings me to Friday night.  Birthday dinner.  My family is in town, so we took advantage of our time together to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  My dad is truly one of the most important people in my life. I can only hope that my daughter and my husband develop the same great relationship as she grows up.  We chose Nolen Kitchen to celebrate.  Honestly, my experience at this place is different every time that I go.  Last night happened to be incredible.  The waiter convinced us to try their recently recognized zucchini chips as an appetizer.  Believe it or not, they are super light and delicious.

photo 3-6For dinner I had the special:  Seared trout with a tomato/jalapeno roasted succotash.  It did not disappoint. Although this isn’t a regular on the menu, there are so many options here (including gluten free).

photo 4-3

Perfect fuel for all of the rides I have planned this weekend.  Weather is supposed to be a little cooler in Charlotte Saturday afternoon.  Grab a bike!  I’m all over the schedule at Flywheel this weekend.


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