Staying Fit During “Busy Season” – Jon and Jen Geis

Several times a month, I want to take a second to share with you individuals that I have crossed paths with who prioritize fitness into their routine (however busy they might be). This is my way of introducing people that readers can relate to, in hopes that they may act as motivation for you to take the step towards a fit life or continue to live the fit life that you already do. Based on my background and the time of the year, I thought it would be perfect for me to start with two CPAs, who in the middle of busy season, some how still find the time to exercise and eat healthy.


I met Jennifer (Jen) and Jon Geis while working at Grant Thornton. We traveled all over the United States through several busy seasons to complete audits with strict deadlines (talk about stress!). If you are not familiar with the term “busy season”, it is the time of the year for auditors when minimum billable charge time is 55 hours per week. Currently, they are both Senior Audit Associates leading the day to day operations of several large audits.  Through getting to know both Jon and Jen, I found that, although both played sports growing up, going to the gym and exercising  after college took some time to develop.  It was Jon who motivated Jen to start running regularly. Running quickly became one of their favorite “us” times, allowing them to spend time together, reflect on the day and enjoy the outdoors.   That team mentality pushes them through busy times of the year at work.


Both typically workout in the mornings before work and when they can on the weekends.  If things get too busy and they have to take a few days off of exercise they try to find ways to be active doing yard work or housework.  When they are traveling for work, sometimes they will call one another to make sure they get out of bed to workout. Both share a desire to be fit for the health benefits as well as the confidence that they have in themselves when they have worked out and eaten healthy. Eating healthy on the road is a struggle, so they use that team mentality to help make better decisions at meals too. Typically if one eats healthy the other will follow suit.

JenJon2The greatest part about their story is that neither Jon nor Jen considered themselves “runners” until they met each other. It was during the busiest times of the year that they signed up for races, so it gave them a reason to get up in the morning to train. Since beginning their journey to make fitness a part of their busy life, Jen and Jon have completed three half marathons together and Jon has even crossed a marathon off his bucket list. Both stress the importance of making fitness a priority and recognizing the greater benefit – much needed alone time, time to de-stress, time to get outdoors and just feeling better about yourself.


Jon and Jen got married in 2013 and reside in Charlotte, NC.  They generally run around the Southpark area, but they also frequent their old Dilworth neighborhood. They try to stay active when they travel, whether that be walking the city, hiking, or taking slow runs to enjoy the surroundings.  Jen credits their ability to stay active even during the busiest times of the year on their ability to prioritize their fitness.  I have to say, this couple is so sweet and approachable.  If you see them out running or celebrating the end of audit say hello.  They have truly proven that staying fit during “busy season” is possible.


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