Monday (Travel Day) Workout

Like I said last week, I added “Travel Day” in parentheses to my Monday workout since it is a quick weight workout that can be done on the road or when you are pressed for time.  It’s March 31st (end of first quarter), which means for the next week and a half I will be swamped at work.  I’m sure that some of you can relate.  When my alarm went off this morning, and I thought about hitting the snooze button, I reminded myself of how busy my week will be.  “1-2-3”, I’m up!

photo 2-6

Little to no equipment today due to the fact that I wanted to squeeze some cardio in here (and no, by cardio, I do not mean running/cycling).  I do want to point out that I am not just making these up for the blog, I am actually doing them every day.  Although I might walk in the afternoon with my daughter, what you see out here is what I am doing.  I used to feel the need to work out for two hours a day, several days a week, but I have found if I can effectively work out, I don’t need to spend that much time at the gym.

Warm up – I started my stop watch when I started my warm up.  I walked in place, raised my arms, clasped both hands together and took a big exhale in.  Holding hands together stretch to the right and the left.  From here, I dropped my arms and gradually increased my walk until I was jogging in place.  After a few deep body weight squats and hamstring stretches, I was ready to start my workout.

photo 1-2


Workout – Right at 25 minutes, and I will explain why.

1 – Kettle bell swings/Burpees super set – This is where I added the cardio.  When I was planning out my workout, my husband told me to try this.  I didn’t understand how it could be so hard until I tried it.  Start by doing 10 kettle bell swings.  Put your kettle bell down and do 10 burpees (push up and all).  Pick your kettle bell up again and do 9 kettle bell swings.  Now do 9 burpees.  Keep counting down your reps until you get to 1.  This took me almost ten minutes, and I did take a second in the middle to catch my breath.

2  – V Raise/Knee Tuck – This is where I started my circuit.  The following four exercises I completed sequentially 3 times through.  This is an ab exercise. Lay flat on your back on the floor.  Raise you feet so your legs are at a 45 degree angle with the floor.  Now raise your chest so your back is at a 45 degree angle with the floor.  Bring your hands up, so your arms are parallel with floor.  Drive your right knee in slowly, then take it back to 45 degrees.  Repeat with left leg.  Do 12-15 each leg.

Modification – Keep your back flat on the floor while you do your knee tucks or drop your left leg to the ground and do all reps with your right leg before switching to the other side.

3 – Weighted Kick back/fire hydrant – Start in an all-fours position. Place dumbbell behind your leg where your knee bends (you should be able to hold the dumbbell in place when you perform both exercises).  First part of exercise, flex the foot that is holding the weight and kick your heel back and up.  Don’t extend the leg.  Keep it bent.  Do 10.  Next up, fire hydrant.  Bring your leg back to starting position.  Keeping knee fixed at a right angle, raise your leg out to the side.  Do 10.  Repeat on opposite leg.

Modification – These can definitely be done without a weight.

4 – Dumbbell lunge, curl and press – In a standing position, hold weights in each hand by your side.  Step your right leg forward into a front lunge.  Lower your body forward until you tap the dumbbells to the floor.  In one move, curl weights to shoulder level as you come back to standing.  In the standing position, press dumbbells to ceiling.  Repeat with left leg.  Do 10-12 each leg.

Modification – You can do these without dumbbells.  Break up the press and the lunge if it is too much for you to stay in control.  Really try to avoid rounding your back when you are lowing the dumbbells to the floor.

5 – Swiss ball, dumbbell, lying tricep extension – Lie on swiss ball so middle and upper back are supporting you.  Feet are planted flat on floor.  Raise hips so they are in line with the rest of your body.  You will feel this in your legs.  Raise dumbbells above your head, so that your palms are facing each other.  Lower dumbbells until forearms are just past parallel to floor without moving upper arms. Do 10-12.

At this point in my workout, I had 1 minute left.  No sense in wasting it.  I held a wall squat for 1 minute.  BURN. IT. OUT.  Hold your weight or medicine ball for an extra burn!   Let me know what you think about the workout. I love feedback!  Weather is supposed to be awesome in Charlotte this week, so keep an eye out for some great outdoor workouts!

In other news – The first friend that I ever made in Charlotte and someone that I have learned so much from, released her new blog this weekend!  Dillan and her husband are entrepreneurs on the road.  They are documenting their experiences on their blog.  Check it out!




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