Date Night (Healthy) Sushi

My husband and I love going out to dinner with our daughter on the weekends, but we typically frequent the stereotypical “kid-friendly” restaurants (Mellow Mushroom, Flying Biscuit, Pacos Tacos, the list goes on…). My parents were in town this weekend, so we took advantage of a free babysitter and decided to spend our “date night” out at a restaurant that we probably wouldn’t normally take our daughter to – sushi. (She is super cute in that high chair, but we need some time to ourselves every once in awhile!)

photo 2-5

In 2009, when the Metropolitan had just started to become popular, I purchased one of the last loft units in the building. Pisces restaurant opened shortly after. At first, I wasn’t sure that any restaurant would make it at this location (the Charlotte restaurant industry seems cut throat). Pisces proved me wrong. After getting married, we decided to do a renovation on our home, and moved back to Metropolitan for several months. Pisces was one of our staples. Owner, Bryan Li, is so engaged with the customers (he has been working every night that we have gone).

photo 1-5

Enough said, on to the food! They just revamped their menu and there are so many healthy choices.

Appetizers – Edamame and steamed vegetable gyoza (Our waitress recommended this. Delicious!)

Sushi – See picture above. We got FIVE rolls. So many people will tell you that to make this healthy you can add brown rice, take rice out, etc. You can do that, but that completely changes the roll at that point. We opted to keep most rolls as is, and we could still get very healthy options.

– First Love – Crab, Mango Roll topped with Shrimp & Avocado

-Metro – Crab, Avocado Roll topped with Spicy Tuna and Crunchy Flakes

-Leo – Tuna, Mango Roll topped with Avocado and chili oil

-Panthers – Spicy Tuna Roll topped with Tuna and Avocado

-Bobcats – Crab Tempura, Avocado Roll topped with Crab Salad and Tobiko, with Eel & Aori Sauce (OK this was one was a splurge, but we removed the Tobiko and Aori Sauce)

Clearly we like avocado! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we gave up sweets for lent, so no dessert for us. That didn’t stop us from taking advantage of the Trader Joe’s there. We picked up something to add to my work snack drawer.

photo 3-3

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