The Work Snack Drawer + Workouts

I used to have a co-worker that referenced her favorite part of the afternoon as “3:00 Snack Time”.  When you have nothing more than work to look forward to, sometimes food is your only thought (everyone has to stop to eat right?). As an auditor I spent a lot of time in a conference room with a team.  It is funny that the second we got back from lunch we were talking about where we wanted to go for dinner.  The anticipation of what to eat next was always worse with the women too (my audit teams would talk about this too).  Why does it seem like guys can work and work and work without thinking about stopping to eat, but I am always trying to decide if I need a snack or not?

I finally got to the point that I started bringing snacks with me to both the office and clients.   Sometimes I am glad that I have snacks and other times I wish that they would go away (I definitely don’t need the temptation some days). Why does it seem like the days that I don’t work out I want to snack the most?   Either way it’s all about moderation.  Now that I am not traveling anymore (and therefore I have my own desk), I have filled up a drawer with snacks.  With everything going on in my life sometimes my snacks are a meal or the best thing to hold me over between meals.

photo 3

Here is what I’ve got:

Oatmeal – Easiest, healthy breakfast food to make without being conspicuous. Yes, we can smell your eggs when you try to heat them up in the microwave.  You don’t need a refrigerator for any part of this.  Almost every office has a coffee machine. Use the hot water from the machine if you don’t have a microwave.  You also don’t have to save this for breakfast.  Have it any time of the day.

Almonds – People have been saying to eat these for a long time.  Do it.  So filling. If you don’t dig the unsalted, there are plenty of flavored options (just watch the salt!)

Pretzels – Not as filling as Almonds, but they are a nice little hold over. Plus, if you don’t want to buy a bag of chips every day for lunch, you have these in your drawer.

Lance Peanut Butter Crackers – Did you know Lance started in Charlotte? Perfect hold over. Love the peanut butter!

Luna Bars – Full disclosure, my husband and I gave up sweets for Lent. This is as close to chocolate as I can get. It’s not a sweet right?  The Chocolate Dipped Coconut is out of this world good!

Gum – For the times that I am not really hungry but thinking about eating a snack. You know the feeling!

Ready-brew coffee – Sometimes the office coffee just doesn’t cut it.  These aren’t that much better, but they give you a different flavor.

Take away from this is that I have found that trying to go the whole day without a snack only leads to me going home and rummaging through the refrigerator until it is actually time to eat dinner.   You don’t have to have a drawer for snacks, but it never hurts to have some healthy options!

On to workouts –

It FINALLY started to warm up in Charlotte Thursday. As soon as I got home from work I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get a run in. This time baby was coming along! I knew I had to teach early in the morning Friday, and I was still a little sore from my Wednesday workout, so I didn’t want to overdo things.  Easier said, than done.  Pushing a jogging stroller with an infant car seat and a fifteen pound baby is one of the most difficult workouts you can imagine.  I give anyone who does this a lot of credit.  I planned out a three mile loop that ended at Reid’s grocery store, and circled around the pond in Freedom Park (when the weather is nice, I have time, and we need groceries, we try to walk).   Pace was much faster than I thought it would be.  Something about pushing a stroller in general makes you go faster (maybe because you have to keep up with it?).

photo 1

As a new mom, I am worried about so many things that I shouldn’t be, so of course I bundled my daughter up way too much.

photo 2

This is how I felt after this run was over! Ha.  I have to give a shout out to a rocking 5:30AM class this morning. Love “Dawn Patrol”. Lots of great rides planned this weekend, but I will still throw out some other fun stuff this weekend on the blog!


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