Tuesday (Running) workout

If you haven’t checked out the “About” section of the blog, please take a second to do so.  Although I currently teach at Flywheel, my true passion for fitness started with running.  When I am not doing a quick weight workout at the house or riding the bike, I love to go for a run. Since I am not training for anything, I don’t log more than 10 miles a week.  I have to take this into consideration when planning my running workouts. Over doing it with running can lead to serious injury.  I can’t stress that enough.


Pre-race Race Fest 2012

Keeping with the theme of time management, I keep most of my runs between 3-4 miles, really trying to maximize efficiency. You can torch some serious calories in a short amount of time.  Great thing about this workout is that that it can be done on the road (in your neighborhood), on the treadmill (in a gym/hotel), or on a track.  We are fortunate enough that we live right off of one of the most well-known running routes in Charlotte – the Booty Loop.  Total distance from my door around the loop is right at 3.25 miles. My husband and I share one of the less complex Garmin GPS running watches to track our distance and pace. Keep in mind when doing intervals if you don’t have one of these watches you can always go by time. I started my watch the second that I hit the sidewalk in front of the house.  The first half mile I ran at my warm-up/recovery pace (8:30 min/mile).

My interval then proceeded as follows:

400M or ¼ mile – High intensity interval (7:30 min/mile)

400M or ¼ mile – Recovery (8:30 min/mile)


I completed the repeat above five times, ending with a quarter mile recovery.  That leaves me right at 3.25 miles (I stopped my watch just at 3 miles).  There are few things to take into consideration here.  First, I was running on the road, so the change in elevation caused some of the intervals to definitely be higher in intensity than others (this goes for recovery too).  It also made some of the intervals easier (since I was running downhill). In general, they offset themselves. Second, if you don’t have a GPS watch, a great way to do this workout is to use 2 minutes as your base high intensity interval and recovery (so run 2 minutes hard, recover 2 minutes). Third, find a pace for your high intensity interval that is right for you to complete the workout. I have a habit of “going out of the gates too fast” only to hit the wall half way through my workout. Even if you are feeling good, don’t over exert yourself so much that you have to come to a complete stop in between intervals.

Picking up where I left off –


Due to my schedule, most of my posts will come in the afternoons and evenings during the week.  I ended my Monday update at lunch, however, I have to share what a great afternoon I had.  The weather in Charlotte hit right below 60 just after 2:00.  Perfect weather for a stroll with my daughter. Your heart doesn’t have to be racing to get a workout in.  Pushing that stroller over those rolling hills is intense!  We joined several other people in Freedom Park to take advantage of the sunshine.


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