Monday (Travel Day) workout

I included “Travel Day” in parentheses to my Monday workout, because it is typically a very heavy day for business travelers. When I was in public accounting, we often were on our way to an out of town client by 6 or 7 AM.  Sometimes it would be close to lunch before we even got there, which created an even longer work day.  An early start coupled with a longer work day made it very hard to squeeze an effective workout in.

My work out this morning was quick. In fact I was surprised, when I looked down at my phone and it was dead on where I wanted it to be (25-30 minutes):

photo 1

I utilized several pieces of equipment, however, in my explanation of each exercise, I am going to offer a modification.  That way, wherever you may be there is really no excuse to skip an exercise (including your hotel room).

photo 2-1

Yes, I will offer modifications if you don’t have the equipment above.  I have found that if I force myself to move from exercise to exercise I get less bored. Less bored means less likely to give up.  Here we go!

Warm up – 

I start my timer when I start my warm up.  Today, I walked in place 30 seconds while gradually lifting my knees higher and increasing the range of motion in my arms.  I then did 20 jumping jacks, 20 body weight squats (slow, deep and controlled) and thirty seconds of jogging in place.

Workout –

I ran through this little mini circuit three times with little to no rest in between circuits.  Feel your body out and take more or less rest if you need to.

1.  Kettlebell Squats – I started with a moderate weight to make sure that I was warmed up enough.  For the second and third time through the circuit I went up in weight.  Feet hip-width apart, hold kettle bell in both hands.  Lower into squat, taking weight towards floor.  Squeeze glutes to push back up.  Really focus on keeping your back flat.  Do 12-15.

Modification –  Use a dumbbell, medicine ball, or body weight.

2. Alternate Mountain Climber on Bosu with Bosu Burpee – This exercise was a circuit in itself.

  • 20 mountain climbers (with the flat side of the Bosu facing up)
  • 10 Bosu burpees (flat side of Bosu facing up)  – Bring your body down into a squat while grabbing both side of Bosu.  Kick legs and feet out behind you to plank position. I did a pushup here.  Return your feet to original squat position.  From this position, jump up, extend arms over your head.
  • Repeat the two exercises above before moving to the number three.

Modification – Remove the Bosu from both exercises if you don’t have one.  Both can be done on the floor.  If you don’t like burpees, do something that will get your heart rate up (high knees, run in place, tuck jumps) and follow with your push ups.

3. Cross Crunch on foam roller – I am going to shout out Denise Duffy on this exercise.  Lay on foam roller such that it extends from your hips to your shoulders. You can do this exercise with a weight or with body weight.  Crunch across the body, lifting your shoulder across the body.  Do 10 each side.

Modification – Cross crunches on the floor.

4.  Step-back lunge with Bicep Curl – As easy as it sounds.  Dumbbells in both hands. Step back into a lunge and bicep curl both arms at the same time.  Do 10 each side.

Modification – Body weight lunges and/or separate the two exercises into separate sets.

5.  Dips – I literally did these off the side of my couch.  Legs extended.  Do 12-15.

Modification – Bend your knees.  Feet flat on floor.

6.  Straight Leg Medicine Ball Sit ups – Lay on your back.  With ball directly above hips, hold ball with arms extended in both hands.  Raise legs together until they are parallel with the floor.  Return both legs together.  Do 12-15.

Modification – Drop the ball or if you can’t do both legs together, bend one leg and place the foot on the floor.  Do one leg at a time.

Whew!  I didn’t realize how tired I would be after the Bosu burpees.  As hard as it is to get up early, it is worth it.  I head into the office as the sun is rising.  Charlotte is a beautiful place early in the morning!

photo 1-2

A workout like this also requires fuel.  I don’t typically bring my lunch to work because I at least need a break to walk outside and get some food (even if I ultimately eat it at my desk).  I find at most lunch places uptown women are the minority.  I grabbed a healthy lunch today at Jersey Mike’s (minus the “at least they were baked” cheetos!).

photo 2-3

Mini turkey on wheat – spicy mustard, LTO (Yum!)

Love Jersey Mikes!  It’s all about moderation.  Happy Monday y’all.  Enjoy the workout!

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